Privacy Palicy

“Tek Media Group ” and its associates are aware of your concern regarding online privacy and use of personal information. This notice details our Privacy Policy. This Policy acknowledges the information we gather about you and your Computer through interaction with this website and other third-party site interactions, our retail store, and through any further correspondence between the Tek Media Group brand and you.

Through use of this website - by any and all mediums and devices, by visiting our retail location, and any additional relationship with Tek Media Group, you are accepting the practices mentioned in this policy.

In this Privacy Policy, Tek Media Group and its website/retail store - located in Burbank, California, means Tek Media Group. Furthermore, we may link to other websites not related to the Tek Media Brand. We are not responsible for the information displayed or collected on these third-party sites. Regarding this policy, the word “computer” represents any device that is able to establish connection with an online website, including mobile devices.

We Gather the Following Information:

We acquire and store information you enter onto our website or that you provide to us in any further way. While you are able to withhold your personal information, this may restrain the products, services, information, and promotions offered on our website.

When you Contact Us, Create a New Ticket, or Login, your information is used to facilitate information between Tek Media Group and your product, service, comment, issue, or other concern

We obtain personal and Computer information as you search, communicate with our service department, and otherwise view,connect with, or post information to our Website and additional online related Tek Media Group profiles. For example, we will collect information when you search for a product or service, communicate with us through phone, Website, or other form of contact, and any information gathered from an in-store visit.

Automatic Collection:

When you have any interaction with our Website, as mentioned above, we receive and store information provided or generated by your online activity and actions. This may include device, browser, and service provider data. It is also possible that we will send you customized emails containing links that contain unique identifiers to identify your web activity. Additionally, like many websites, we may also use tracking pixels/beacons, “cookies” or secondary technologies to store specific information.

Information received or determined from your use of our Website includes your Internet (IP) address, web browser and version, geographic location (from IP or GPS, wireless, or Bluetooth technology), computer platform and operating system, email address, login information including login and password may be collected. Additional information like date and time, pages or products searched, and phone number used to call our retail location may be identified and collected. We may assign one or more unique identifiers to log your time spent and number of times on our Website.

Email Communications

Third Party Relationships:

It is possible that we will send you email links that allow direct communication with our service department. A confirmation may be sent to us when you open or interact with the email, depending on if your computer supports this capability. If you send us an email, we will store the email and its content.

Mobile Location Services:

One or more of our unique identifiers may also be used to collect information gathered from your mobile device. Location information allows us to tailor our offers to local and national customers. You are able to control and limit the information we receive by turning off your mobile device WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, or by turning off the location services on your device.

Information From Additional Sources:

It is possible that we may receive additional sources of information from third-party sources and add it to our own account information.


Cookies are identifiers placed in your computer’s storage by your web browser to allow our technologies to recognize your browser upon further Website visitation

If concerned, you are able to place a stop upon your browser from allowing such activity. If questions regarding the implementation, control, and notifications of cookies arise, please consult your web browser for the necessary information.

Third Party Relationships:

If you have an account created on our site or at our retail store and wish for the opportunity to view, modify, or delete your information, you can do this by calling (818) 726-7227 or by emailing

Your Personal Information:

To ensure a positive experience for our customers, we maintain business relationships with various vendors. We may link to these third-party websites for your convenience regarding information about their products, services, and contact information. Use these third-party Websites of vendors at your own discretion.

The Right To Opt-Out:

As you are in control of your web browsing settings, you are able to automatically control the information presented to us by your computer. However, if you choose not to share your information, certain Website actions, orders, and inquiries may not able to be fulfilled.

These Terms Are Subject To Change:

Even if you have not viewed these terms, the Privacy Policy terms and conditions listed here still govern the use of Tek Media Group and its accompanying online profiles. As our business and industry changes, these assertions may be changed or updated at any time. Check our website frequently to see the most current terms and policies. This Privacy Policy is applied to the physical and online information of the Tek Media Group brand and your personal information.

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