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All Repaires come with Free Estimates - 120 day warranty

Choose Your B&O Product to Be Repaired

Wheather your B & O was made in 1940's or in  2021 Under Warranty, We can repair it, . As an Authorized B&O service provider you can trust us to repair or refurbish your B&O to factory standards. Of course, time plays its role affecting the quality of any product, no matter the durability or workmanship. Our primary goal is to  bring it up to its original condition.

If you are passionate about you b&O as much as we are let us give you a free estimate.

  • BeoGram 4000
  • BeoGram 4001
  • BeoGram 4002
  • BeoGram 4004
  • BeoGram 7000
  • BeoGram 8000
  • BeoGram 5000
  • BeoGram 8002
  • BeoGram 6500

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Tek Media Group Inc.

Address: 711 South Victory Blvd.
Burbank CA, 91502
Phone: (818) 244-4440

(818) 244-4440
Toll Free: (800) 255-5045